"Africa and the Climate: an Opportunity to Adapt and thrive "

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Organize research & documentation activities on climate change and its impacts as well as on the resilient capacities of indigenous and local communities to climate change and its consequences in Africa;

Networking in advocacy and adaptation to climate change and working with national focal points, young Green Ambassadors for the climate, partners, government institutions and grassroots organizations and indigenous and local communities to implement many smart initiatives in the face climate and influence relevant policies to help build climate resilient communities in Africa;

Identify and support the implementation, development and dissemination of innovative (modern and indigenous) initiatives and approaches in the fields of smart and climate-resilient agriculture, livestock, renewable energy, water, hygiene and sanitation, prevention and management of climatic disasters, education and climate and environmental communication, climate and environmental justice as well as in the area of conservation and resilient management of biodiversity and African natural resources in the context of climate change.

Organize competitions and competitive accelerators to identify, select and support startups and innovative indigenous initiatives in the face of climate change in Africa;

Share funding opportunities for supported startups facing climate change in Africa;

Identify the needs and build the capacities of young green entrepreneurs and indigenous communities through training on climate change;

Ensure the networking of young green entrepreneurs and indigenous African communities accompanied with sponsors involved against climate change in Africa;

Mobilize partners and donors and provide logistical and financial support to startups and supported initiatives (these are logistical materials, grants, repayable advance, deposits and guarantees and access to venture capital) in Africa ;

Monitoring and evaluation of local and indigenous mechanisms for climate change mitigation and adaptation in Africa.