"Africa and the Climate: an Opportunity to Adapt and thrive "

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We are a pan-African and indigenous organization supporting African resilience to climate change

Climate Change Africa Opportunities (CCAO) is a pan-African and indigenous non-profit organization specializing in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of modern and indigenous climate change resilient programs, projects, initiatives and approaches in Africa. We support and accompany young green entrepreneurs, women and indigenous populations carrying knowledge (traditional and or modern), new ideas and initiatives offering and or likely to offer services, indigenous and or technological solutions that are innovative and beneficial to improve the resilience of indigenous and local communities in Africa.

Climate Change Africa Opportunities (CCAO) carries out its programs and projects in the fields of family, peasant, smart and climate-resilient agriculture, livestock, renewable energies, water, hygiene and '' sanitation, prevention and management of climate disasters, education and climate and environmental communication, climate and environmental justice as well as in the field of conservation and resilient management of biodiversity and African natural resources in the context of climate change in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Africa.

Climate Change Africa Opportunities (CCAO) is also a pan-African network currently comprising 54 national focal points and 1,404 young Green Ambassadors for the climate involved in climate change advocacy and adaptation actions and which works with partners, government institutions and grassroots organizations and indigenous communities. and local communities to implement many climate smart initiatives and influence relevant policies to help build resilient communities while supporting indigenous and technology initiatives in 54 countries in Africa.

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Africa is the continent most vulnerable to climate variability and change, a situation which is compounded by the interaction between “multiple constraints” including heavy dependence on agriculture, widespread poverty and low capacity to adaptation. Climate change, which often manifests as sharp increases in temperatures, rising sea levels, changes in weather, and other extreme consequences, often with negative effects on human health, biodiversity and natural ecosystems , serious environmental, social and economic impacts. These represent a real challenge for indigenous populations and the socio-economic development prospects of Africa, including women and girls, who not only suffer the effects of environmental damage, but also oppression and acts of violence. which intersect in their respective situations.

Faced with these complex climatic meanders and challenges, young green entrepreneurs, African women's movements and indigenous populations, strong in their knowledge and potential, have assets that are generally overlooked and little valued in Africa. Young green entrepreneurs, women and indigenous peoples often contribute by creating African startups and initiatives by women and indigenous peoples to save Africa and the whole planet. However, this contribution from young green entrepreneurs, women and indigenous African populations constitutes a lever of innovation for the mitigation and adaptation of African populations to climate change with a view to supporting the preservation of the environment, biodiversity and the rational management of African natural resources while indirectly creating thousands of jobs and economic opportunities likely to contribute to sustainable development in Africa.



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